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Francesco Marin,
Winemaker and Inventor of Metodo Ganimede,
founder of Ganimede S.r.l.

Ganimede®: a company born from a revolutionary idea!

Metodo Ganimede, created in 1997 by the clever mind of winemaker Francesco Marin, has quickly established itself and become famous in wine experts and winemakers circles around the world as an innovative and trusted system worthy of investment.

Metodo Ganimede® exploits nature's immense energy provided by fermentation converting it in a better wine through a natural, inexpensive, simple and extraordinarily effective process.

Ganimede® S.r.l is present on the main global markets through a network of consultants and manufacturers who offer qualified service to wineries and winemakers looking to discover the great potential of Metodo Ganimede.

Ganimede® in the world ... of wines!

Ganimede® fermenters around the world are compared with international and local vines under very different environmental conditions, with different technical and cultural traditions and the result is always a great success.
There are now more than 30 Countries where Metodo Ganimede® the patented fermenter, has become known as a real innovation capable of offering surprising results.

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Ganimede® in White:


An EXCLUSIVE Ganimede® product designed for White and Rosé wines capable of enhancing aromas and reducing the use of sulphur dioxide in order to produce healthier wines!

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Process control:


Metodo Ganimede® is the only fermenter in the world that allows winemakers to exclude grape seeds from the winemaking process!

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Use of Technical Gas:


Ganimede®, thanks to the Henry's Law, is the only system that allows gases to interact deeply within the liquid mass.

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Turn your tank
into a SUPER-fermenter with
Metodo Ganimede®!

IYour standard tanks can be turned into innovative fermenters using Metodo Ganimede®!
Innovate and save!

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