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The innovative patented fermenter!

It is an innovative fermenter, a patented winemaking system that exploits the exceptional natural capacity of fermentation gas (40/50 liters of CO2 per liter of must!) to obtain a gentle and effective extraction of the noble substances only.
Metodo Ganimede® is the true ally of winemakers thanks to its technology that encompasses simplicity, inexpensiveness and versatility!

Metodo Ganimede®: Simply a better wine...

How does Ganimede® work?

The four main stages of winemaking.

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France: the great success of conversions of traditional tanks in Ganimede® continues.

Two conversions in Ganimede® at the Bestheim Winery, the most important cooperative company in Alsace.

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In Dordogne, “new generation” tanks for the Sigoulès vineyards

The grapegrowers of Sigoulès have invested 4 million euros in new tanks for the next vintages.

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Ganimede® in White:


An EXCLUSIVE Ganimede® product designed for White and Rosé wines capable of enhancing aromas and reducing the use of sulphur dioxide in order to produce healthier wines!

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Process control:


Metodo Ganimede® is the only fermenter in the world that allows winemakers to exclude grape seeds from the winemaking process!

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Use of Technical Gas:


Ganimede®, thanks to the Henry's Law, is the only system that allows gases to interact deeply within the liquid mass.

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Turn your tank
into a SUPER-fermenter with
Metodo Ganimede®!

IYour standard tanks can be turned into innovative fermenters using Metodo Ganimede®!
Innovate and save!

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