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"Top Level" Safety probe

Ganimede® fermenters can be equipped with a Top Level probe that performs the dual function of detecting the maximum level during the filling stage and preventing unwanted overflowing during the fermentation stage. In the first case, the probe operates as a load level sensor, in the second it operates the instantaneously opening of the bypass, causing an immediate lowering of the level of about 1 meter if it exceeds the planned limit, allowing maximizing the filling level.

Electrical control panel

This equipment enhances the versatility of Metodo Ganimede® allowing the automation of various stages, which can be set according to the winemaker preferences on how to manage temperature control, bypass opening cycles, the triggering level of the safety probe, and the timing of the introduction of the two independent gases (O2, CO2, N2).

Ganimede® in White:


An EXCLUSIVE Ganimede® product designed for White and Rosé wines capable of enhancing aromas and reducing the use of sulphur dioxide in order to produce healthier wines!

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Process control:


Metodo Ganimede® is the only fermenter in the world that allows winemakers to exclude grape seeds from the winemaking process!

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Use of Technical Gas:


Ganimede®, thanks to the Henry's Law, is the only system that allows gases to interact deeply within the liquid mass.

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Turn your tank
into a SUPER-fermenter with
Metodo Ganimede®!

IYour standard tanks can be turned into innovative fermenters using Metodo Ganimede®!
Innovate and save!

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