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Metodo Ganimede®: the opinions of winemakers across the world


Frédéric Zufferey – Wine Grower and Winery Owner - "Clos de Géronde Sierre" Winery

“Metodo Ganimede®: a brilliant idea! No more risk of oxidation during prefermentation. Temperature control. Soft extraction of aromas and tannins. Respect for the
fruit (no pumps). Ease of setting for the desired duration and type of fermentation. This fermenter is at the service of winemakers, who, from the vineyard to the wine cellar and with quality grapes, can be ambitious enough to produce great wines. “

Cave Du Chevalier Bayard - Varen (Valais)

“... since we are satisfied of the excellent results achieved this year with Ganimede ®, we are sure that in the future we will invest again in this innovative system.”

Dominque Giroud - Winemaker- F&D Giroud - Sion (Valais) - Switzerland - "Gran Prix Special Vinitaly 2004" award

Having worked for 3 years with the Ganimede ® concept, I believe I can highlight several advantages:
• time saving during the winemaking process thanks to its simple automatic programming.
• no motors; thus, less maintenance and less failures during winemaking activities.
• complete skin maceration. The grapemarc mass is completely stirred into the wine during fermentation. No presence of large blocks of grape-marc.
• variable skin maceration according to our needs. The quantity of délestage can vary greatly from Syrah to Pinot Noir at the beginning, during, and at the end of the winemaking process. An injection of air or CO2 performed both at the beginning and at the end of fermentation gives the final touch, without the need of mechanical devices.
• I find that the tannins are sweeter, softer and, overall, from several comparative tests on five different varieties, they also showed a more pronounced color.

Maurice Zufferey - Muraz-Sierre (Valais)

“Because of its ingenious design, Ganimede ® allows the winemaker to choose the desired method of extraction suitable for the type of the wine desired. Because of its great ease of use, it reduces manual work at the winery when physical effort is required. The risk of failure is virtually nil. The quality of the tannins and the color obtained during fermentation with Ganimede ® are truly remarkable, even in case of Pinot Noir considered difficult to extract. Since it has a smooth remontage, it allows a very precise control of the fermentation temperature both in the solid area and in the liquid one.”


Romain Parisis – CEO and Winemaker of Cave de Bourgeuil

“Thanks to the Ganimede® system, we have accurate control over the winemaking process and we can work the way we like it thanks to the simplicity of the electrical control panel. The permanent action of the bubbles under the cone allows a continuous and delicate extraction of color and structure without grinding the skins, which, instead, happens when using the standard systems. At the time of devatting, you can see that all the grape-seeds are at the bottom of the tank where you can easily separate them without making them go through the press. Moreover, thanks to our sequential pressing system, we obtain a smooth and gradual draining. In our region, where wines are very acidic and with phenolic ripening not always satisfactory, Ganimede® allows producing in a quicker fashion rounder wines, richer in color without the need for long macerations that may lead to the risk of extracting vegetable tannins.

Jean Claude Chasson – Owner of Domaine Chasson

“Ganimede ® allowed me to carry out a fully automatic winemaking process, starting from the dynamic skin maceration process and ending with the post-fermentative maceration. The results obtained were, as usual, of great quality and virtually labor-free; the technical winemaking operations such as remontage, temperature control and use of different gases (CO2, oxygen, filtered air) were all performed in Automatic mode. This time-saver allowed me to focus on the tasting of my wines; inspecting and modifying the various parameters to obtain the desired wine depending on the quality of the raw material.”

Jean Lavie Manager - Cave de Saint Pantaleon les vignes

“We had an excellent harvest in 2003; the quality of the wines matched our expectations. We obtained wines that were round, fruity, and with good color; refined results that met our customer’s needs since our customers are always looking for well structured and easy to drink wines. When tasting the wines, the typical characteristics of the winemaking process obtained using Ganimede ® fermenters can be easily recognized among all others: structured, fat, round, soft and fruity; we can truly say that there is a Ganimede ® style.”

Jean Veyrier, Manager and Winemaker - Cave des Costieres de Pomerols

“When using a standard tank I spend two hours of work per day; when using Ganimede ® I can reduce the time required; everything is performed automatically with good quality results.

André Serret - Winemaker– Technical Manager of Domaine Brial Baixas

“The uniqueness of the Ganimede ® system is certainly its ease of use; the adjustments are simple, there are no pumps to use and its operation is flexible. Thanks to the injection of gas and to the remontage based on carbon dioxide, it is possible to generate continuous protection for the product, allowing cold macerations to take place. The work becomes more flexible and at any time during the winemaking process, it is possible to accelerate or slow down the extraction process, while respecting the quality of the grapes. In a cooperative winery, the use of a safety probe to check the filling level is essential to control the sudden rise of the cap and prevent unwanted overflows, or it would be necessary to employ personnel to manage the filling levels. To facilitate devatting, it is better to choose tanks with inclined or conic bottom rather than flat ones.

Nicolas Gornes - Winemaker – Manager of Cave des Sieurs d’Arque, Red Winemaking

“Thanks to the Ganimede ® system we obtained a great quality wine equivalent in color and flavor to wines obtainable through standard winemaking processes; however, tannins tasted rounder and softer. The advantage of this system consists in allowing an excellent management of the winemaking process, depending on the winemaker’s choice, without help from any operator. My initial concern that the remontage caused by the CO2 would involve only a portion of the must, dissipated as soon as I saw the system in operation in automatic mode: it was impressive. I think that this process could be suitable for many types of grapes sensitive to the grinding process, thanks to its natural remontage with no pumps.

Nicolas Lebrun - Winemaker– Technical Manager of Château de SAURS

Ganimede ® allows working with more flexibility and with great ease since the system operates on its own: it is sufficient to program it and to enjoy the results. Thanks to Ganimede®, we can perform délestage during winemaking without the need for personnel. The “délestage/ remontage” process offered by Ganimede is very smooth and with no leaching, if compared with the roughness of standard systems. I think it would be useful to have a second sampling valve in the diaphragm to taste the wine located as close as possible to the cap during the pre-fermentative maceration stage.

Jean-Christophe Briet - Winemaker – Technical Manager of Château CRANSAC

When we started to plan the implementation of the Château Cransac winery, our focus was on grape quality and on optimal control over all the winemaking processes. This is why we chose to install the Ganimede® winemaking system. Thanks to the Ganimede ® system we were able to meet the goals set for the harvest 2003; in other words, we produced high quality wines. The system allowed us to avoid many annoying procedures that do not add any quality (e.g. the management of remontage and the cleaning of the pumps, both tasks that had to be repeated several times in a day). This system allowed us to have more time available to dedicate to improving quality (tasting twice a day, checking the vine rows to be harvested, deciding the orientation of the plot) thanks to the possibility of managing the winemaking process automatically. Our winery produces three different wine qualities (basic, medium and high quality); Ganimede ® allowed us to adapt the winemaking process to the grape harvest and achieve the desired results (Gamay, cold prefermentative maceration with injection of CO2, low temperature winemaking, a cycle every three hours, post-fermentative maceration for a more structured and spicy wine to be aged in barriques). Using a single tank, we were able to add the finishing touches to our work of quality, according to our goals. The natural and ecological principle on which Ganimede is based is, according to our philosophy, a logical consequence of well planned vine-growing, in maximum respect of the environment, product and consumers.


Pierfranco Giovannini Winemakers– Cantine Endrizzi s.r.l.(TN)

“... a tannic wine does not mean a long-term wine, but an unbalanced wine.”

Gianpaolo Vaona - Novaia Farm - Verona

“Ganimede ® combines its versatility of use with its extraordinary extraction ability in full respect of the fruit.”

Elio Novello - Fratelli Bolla S.p.A. - Verona

“We chose Ganimede® because it extracts the substances in a soft and selective manner without damaging the skins and preserving their integrity.”

Dario Tommasi - Tommasi Wine-Growers - Pedemonte,Verona

“Ganimede ® allowed us to obtain an excellent Amarone (Bitter wine); richer in color, very structured, with complex, intense and persistent aromas.”

Emilio Pasqua – Commercial Farm Musella - San Martino Buon Albergo, Verona

“Ganimede ® enables us to obtain better color intensity, marked fruitiness, fullness and softness of flavor given by a clean essence and a well polymerized phenolic element”.

Romeo Taraborrelli - Winemaker

“The remarkable versatility of Ganimede ® allows the custom management of the entire process, supporting the winemaker in the production of wines with the desired features.”

Gianni Masciarelli Commercial Farm Masciarelli - San Martino sulla Marrucina (Chieti) "The Best Red of Italy" award Gambero Rosso/Slow Food 2003 "Winery of the Year" Gambero Rosso (award) /Slow Food 2004

“By using Ganimede ® technology with grape marc dispersion, we can obtain a smooth and gentle transfer of the coloring substances and extractive components contained in the skins; an essential requirement to produce wine with great depth and suitable for ageing in barriques.”


Ben Glover - Winemaker - Wither Hills Vineyards

“We used the Ganimede® system with two different batches of grapes originating from some of our historically best vines. By processing this product using Ganimede ®, up until now the fruity characteristics are more intense and marked, giving to the nose a greater sense of purity and delicacy of the fruit and offering at the same time the same qualities to the palate with nice, soft and elegant tannins.”

Brent Marris - Owner/Winemaker - Wither Hills Vineyards

During the harvest 2004, Wither Hills tried for the first time to use Ganimede ® fermenters to produce Pinot Noir. Here are some observations:

• Loading the tank is easy

• Operating the system is easy; these features are fundamental because we did not have sufficient personnel available during crucial moments of the harvest.

• The wine obtained using Ganimede ® has clonal and territorial characteristics similar to the ones obtained with our standard squarebottom fermenters.

• Ganimede ® has been a real blessing during a very long harvest in 2004 because we were able to use it also for white wine fermentation.

Overall, we can say that we are very satisfied with the Ganimede ® fermenter. We will continue to follow the evolution of the wine in comparison with our standard method also during the ageing process in barriques.


D. Pedro SarriónBodega – Cooperative consultant. Santa Quiteria - Higueruela (Albacete)

“Tests carried out with 1500 HL Ganimede ® fermenters convinced us of the validity and convenience of such investment also from a financial standpoint. Management of grape-marc caps with more than two meters of thickness has been so effective in producing top quality wines that allowed for a quick return of the investment. The versatility of the system, the possibility of obtaining a selective extraction of the sole noble substances from the grapes with the exclusion of any grape seeds from the extraction process, the reduced labor requirements and top quality wines obtained encouraged us to invest further in Metodo Ganimede ® with the purchase of additional eight large fermenters.”

D. Óscar Hugo Tobía López – Winemakersand Owner of - "BODEGA TOBÍA" (La Rioja) “Ganimede fermenters are

“Ganimede fermenters are a true innovation in the winemaking industry: a completely natural, delicate, selective and versatile technology that allows producing smooth and balanced wines, especially suitable for ageing, with intense and persistent color and aromas. The efficiency of the extraction, the respect for the grapes under fermentation and the possibility of adapting the process to one’s own specific needs make Metodo Ganimede ® a valuable tool to support winemakers in the production of top quality wines.”

Ganimede® in White:


An EXCLUSIVE Ganimede® product designed for White and Rosé wines capable of enhancing aromas and reducing the use of sulphur dioxide in order to produce healthier wines!

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Process control:


Metodo Ganimede® is the only fermenter in the world that allows winemakers to exclude grape seeds from the winemaking process!

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Use of Technical Gas:


Ganimede®, thanks to the Henry's Law, is the only system that allows gases to interact deeply within the liquid mass.

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Turn your tank
into a SUPER-fermenter with
Metodo Ganimede®!

IYour standard tanks can be turned into innovative fermenters using Metodo Ganimede®!
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