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Dynamic Skin Maceration

  • CO2
  • Bypass

Ganimede® enhances the aromas of White and Rosé wines!

DYNAMIC SKIN MACERATION, an exclusive prerogative of Metodo Ganimede®, allows performing, thanks to the particular conditions created by the presence of the internal diaphragm, maceration in an environment perfectly saturated with carbon dioxide and for this reason protected from risks of oxidation and bacterial proliferation.

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of dynamic skin maceration

CO2 is responsible for carrying out a selective, solventextractive, and antioxidant-bacteriostatic action, ensuring a drier extract and a remarkable and quick extraction with protection of aromas and their precursors present in the skins.

This makes unnecessary the use of sulfur dioxide at this stage, which solvent and non-selective action would lead to an irreversible dispersion of vegetable and bitter substances in the must.

The cinnamic-glutathione acids, antioxidant substances naturally present in white grapes, are preserved, thus ensuring a significant endogenous protection, which may significantly reduce the final quantity of SO2, with great benefit to the health of the consumer

Glutathione, during standard winemaking processes, is oxidized in a very short time and this causes the loss of valuable and free resources that nature offers us.

Ganimede® in White:


An EXCLUSIVE Ganimede® product designed for White and Rosé wines capable of enhancing aromas and reducing the use of sulphur dioxide in order to produce healthier wines!

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Process control:


Metodo Ganimede® is the only fermenter in the world that allows winemakers to exclude grape seeds from the winemaking process!

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Use of Technical Gas:


Ganimede®, thanks to the Henry's Law, is the only system that allows gases to interact deeply within the liquid mass.

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Turn your tank
into a SUPER-fermenter with
Metodo Ganimede®!

IYour standard tanks can be turned into innovative fermenters using Metodo Ganimede®!
Innovate and save!

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